Since the beginning of the smart phone era, users have been subjected to an ongoing dilemma between going coverless to see and feel the look of their device or opting for a bulky protective case.


Clearly specializes in creating uniquely clear cases . Our mission is to design the most minimal yet durable and resistant case for your device.


The clear cases by Clearly are made of top quality plastics and shock absorbent materials to protect and reveal the stunning design of your smart phone .  


At Clearly, we do not believe in making any compromise over design and durability. We believe in their powerful combination.


Clearly cases have many redeeming features:


  • Preserving the original look and design of your device.

  • An ultra thin design for more comfortable use.

  • Unparalleled protection for your device.

  • High quality materials for long lasting durability .

  • Minimalistic design.

  • A completely transparent design.

  • Slots for button to be easily pressed.

  • Protection of ports and slots that are device compatible 


Clearly cases are uniquely designed for those whom appreciate a durable solution that protects the look and feel of their device!